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Old School Junk

The provision of Free School Meals across schools ensures children are able to be fed and nourished throughout term time. But what happens when the schools close for the holidays?

Holiday Hunger is an issue faced by many families across the country. Fuel for School helps to bridge the gap created when the term time ends and the holidays begin.

Fuel for School, in partnership with The Real Junk Food Project is delighted to be joining forces with The Light Leeds to open a “pop up” food market and restaurant to provide access to food for families throughout the 6 weeks holidays. Using food that would otherwise have been sent to waste people will be able to visit The Light Monday to Saturday between 10.00am and 4.00pm and “Pay As They Feel” for food to take away or sit down and enjoy a meal in the restaurant of the café, “Old School Junk”.

Fuel for School is a year round programme with deliveries to schools available 52 weeks a year. These deliveries of food, coupled with the creativity of school leadership and access to school sites throughout the year provides the ideal environment for ensuring children are nourished all year round.