REAL, HOMELY, INDIAN FOOD served up with love, laughter & laid back vibes.

Cherished for its hearty, home-style indian fare, tamatanga is all about eating food just the way they do back in india. Wholesome and true to its roots, the food is fresh, flavoursome and perfect for any time of day. And with incredibly crafted cocktails, great music and a seriously cool vibe, tamatanga is the place to see and be seen!

Here you’ll find a menu bursting with character, carefully put together to please everyone from vegans to meat eaters, chilli-lovers to the spice-averse and children to grown ups. Offering both the familiar and the slightly less expected, expect to experience classic indian food cooked up with a modern twist.

The tamatanga thali is one not to miss. A feast for the eyes and belly, this platter offers a choice of one or two curries from the menu alongside a selection of dishes made daily with seasonal ingredients by the kitchen team. And their legendary tama chips, which have been a firm favourite since 2008, are a must try. Add to these a tasty array of small plates, comforting biryanis, curry bowls, lush wraps, punchy salads, juicy clay oven plates and you just can’t struggle to find something that’s up your street!

But it’s really not just about the food. The whole place is a treat for the eyes and the senses. tamatanga is vibrant, exciting and mesmerising inside with colours and textures reminiscent of indian markets and streets. And the cocktails deserve a mention all to themselves. Lovingly created by a passionate bar team, they are unique and really rather special. Not only that, but they pack a punch AND are on 2-for-1 every day until 7pm. Topping all of this off is a very cool, laid back vibe with achingly funky tunes that make tamatanga the only place to eat. drink. indian.

Located on

The Headrow


Sunday - Thursday

11:30am – 10pm

Friday & Saturday

11:30am – 11pm

Tel: 0113 868 7788