Crazy, Crazy Golf!

Junk Yard Golf is now open at The Light so make sure you head down there to enjoy a whole load of crazy madness. Enjoy three 9-hole crazy golf courses filled with scrap yard slides, wrecked car parts ,circus freaks and jungle bathtubs. Bold and daring, prepare to putt your way through the bizarre course.

Keeping it crazy, Junkyard Golf Club Leeds also features four bars throughout the courses serving up a wide range of epic party drinks and cocktails including Bubblegum Sunset, Freaky Tiki and Junkyard Love Club, all pimped out with tuck-shop treats such as popping candy and edible smiley faces.

Putting skills and bad boy swings can work up quite an appetite, but don’t worry they’ve got it all covered. The main bunker bar will be serving up pizza twists, vegan pizza and nachos.

If you’re ready to get your freak on Junkyard Golf Club Leeds is open 7 days a week, 4pm - 12am Monday - Wednesday, 2pm - 12am Thursday, 12pm - 1am Friday and Saturday and 12pm – 10pm Sunday.


The Headrow Street, Arcade Level


Monday 4pm — 12am

Tuesday 4pm — 12am

Wednesday 4pm — 12am

Thursday 2pm — 12am

Friday 12pm — 1am

Saturday 12pm — 1am

Sunday 12pm — 10pm

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