Escaping the ordinary

Can you cope under pressure? Can you outsmart cryptic clues and crazy riddles? How would you survive as an undercover agent?

If you’ve pondered any of these questions, our brand-new tenant, Escape Hunt, will help you with the answers… but first you’ll have to put your mind to the test.

Offering a range of different scenarios, Escape Hunt gives those wanting to test their nerve an opportunity to flex their mental muscles in a bid to escape – all whilst on the clock!

Keen to find out exactly what we were letting our customers in for, we sent our very own team member, Emily, over to Escape Hunt to see if she could handle the pressure, master the clues and escape with time to spare… did she make it out? Read on to find out!

“This isn’t the first escape room I’ve tried, but I can honestly say it was the most exciting. I won’t go into the finer details, as I’d hate to drop a clanger. But let’s just say, Escape Hunt offers a more dynamic, complex and heart racing journey than others I’ve tried. In a word – it was intense.

“I posed as a British secret agent – and the only thing that was able to save the country from Nazi invasion was cooperation. Meaning my friend and I had to work well together. We were locked in for 60 minutes and had to beat the clock.

“Perhaps the most intense hour of my life, we searched for hints to crack clues to complete the mission before we ran out of time. Did we make it out? Yes – with literally one minute to spare!”

If you want to put yourself under pressure and get your heart pumping, you can book onto Escape Hunt by visiting