Five easy-to-make cocktails for an at-home happy hour

While the UK may be in temporary lockdown, here at The Light we wanted to make sure our community isn’t missing out on the fun of happy hour! So to help get you through this strange period until our favourite bars and restaurants can re-open, we’ve pulled together a list of five easy-to-make quarantine cocktails that you can enjoy from the safe space of your own home.

1. The Quaran-tini

A Quaran-tini (aka. Martini) is one of the easiest cocktails to make. All you have to do to enjoy this tasty aperitif is mix 60ml of either vodka or gin with 1tbsp of dry vermouth (shaken not stirred). Add an ice cube or two, and finish with garnish of your choice – we’d recommend either an olive, or some lemon peel.

2. Stay-at-Home Sangria

Bring the taste of the Mediterranean into your home with this classic tipple. Take a jug and fill it with a full bottle of red wine, 300ml of lemonade, and 100ml of brandy. Top with some chopped fruit such as oranges, lemons, strawberries or pears, and finally add some ice cubes. You can also add a splash of orange juice if you fancy that extra fruity twist.

3. The Distancing Daiquiri

Enjoy this Cuban classic in the comfort of your own home. Simply pour 45ml of white rum, 30ml of lime juice, 1 tsp of syrup and some ice into a shaker. Once you’ve given it a good shake, strain the mixture into a cocktail glass, sit back, and enjoy.

4. The Lockdown Lemon Drop

This tangy treat is simple but delicious. Just pour 50ml of vodka, 25ml of lemon juice, 25ml triple sec and some ice into your cocktail shaker, and shake until it starts to feel cold in your hands. If you want to add that restaurant touch to your cocktail, you can chill your glass in the fridge, and in the meantime, mix 1tbsp of sugar with the zest of half a lemon. Once your glass is cold, dip the rim into a cold glass of water and then into the sugar and lemon zest mix. Then simply strain your cocktail into your glass and enjoy!

5. Long Stay at Home Island Iced Tea

Kick start your at-home happy hour with this classic cocktail. It’s super easy as well! Just mix 50ml of vodka, gin, tequila, rum, triple sec and lime juice, then top with 500ml of coca cola, some ice, and a couple of wedges of lime… Cheers!

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