Five top tips for celebrating a birthday in lockdown

It’s been a full year since the pandemic hit the UK and many of us will soon be celebrating a second birthday in lockdown. And while it might feel pretty unfair that your big birthday plans are on hold again, it doesn’t mean celebrations are completely cancelled. Here are our five tops tips for making your lockdown birthday a special day to remember.

Decorations, Dress Up and Cake

First things first, go all out with the decorations. If you’re celebrating another birthday at home then best getting it looking on theme. You can order all sorts of decorations online, such as balloon arches, banners, and streamers to go over the doors. Find your fairy lights and string these around or even get a disco ball to really make the lounge feel like the dancefloor!

As well dressing the house up, don’t forget about yourself. Changing out of those joggers and putting on a nice outfit can really make the day feel different, get you feeling good about yourself and into the celebrating mood.

Finally for the preparations, cake - an essential aspect of any birthday! Why not have a go at making your own? Or perhaps give your partner or family the task. If it’s an extra special birthday you can still order cakes to be made and delivered as well.

Virtual games night

You may well be bored of the run of the mill Zoom quizzes, so why not try out one of Escape Hunt’s virtual Escape Rooms? Transport out of your living room into worlds unknown trying to solve these tricky puzzles. There are so many virtual escape rooms to choose from – one of our personal faves is Blackbeard’s Treasure. Fun for you and the whole family!


If you miss singing your heart out at the local karaoke night (or even in a bar on a Friday night), why not enjoy some karaoke at home? You may already be set up with a karaoke, but if not you can easily get backing tracks with lyrics from YouTube and go from there. Family and friends can also get involved via video call or maybe you’d prefer to keep the singing to yourself!

Cocktail Tasting and Pizza Making

You may not be able to go out to a restaurant or bar just yet, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy great food and drink. Have a go at making cocktails at home. If you’re stuck for inspiration, Turtle Bay have some recipes to get you started. You could accompany these with some homemade pizzas – if you need any tips, head to Zizzi’s website for how to recreate one of their own.

Zoom Party

Another Zoom call might feel like the last thing you want to do on your birthday but if you’re not bored of them yet, why not send an invite to friends and family and celebrate together virtually? For many of us, the pandemic has highlighted what is really important and being able to share your special day with the people you care about might be a priority for you. Grab a drink, start a few virtual games or maybe a quiz- even pop on some music and have a virtual disco!