Help Hope Pastures raise much needed funds by knitting a pony for them!

If you can knit here is the pattern, then simply drop off at The Light or visit the Sanctuary.

Thank you

THE HORSE KNITTING PATTERN - The horses can be knitted with double knitting wool, or you can use Aran weight, or two balls of double knitting at the same time - this makes a larger, firmer horse, but doubled wool is slightly more awkward to knit. Any colour yarns can be used!! If using double knitting wool use size 3 3/4 needles. If using doubled up double knitting wool or aran type wool use size 5 needles. k = knit

p= purl

m1= make 1 stitch by picking up strand between stitches and knit into back of it

sts= stitches s/s = stocking stitch (1 row knit, 1 row purl)

Alter the pattern as freely as you like. Originality is encouraged!! Body cast on 24 stitches Row 1 - purl Row 2 - (right side) *(k1, m1) twice, k8, (m1, k1) twice. Repeat from * once. (32 sts) Row 3 - purl Row 4 - *(k2, m1) twice, k8, (m1, k2) twice Repeat from * once. (40 sts) Row 5 - purl Row 6 - *(k3, m1) twice, k8, (m1, k3) twice Repeat from * once (48 sts) Beginning with a purl row, work 15 rows in stocking stitch Row 22 - *(k1, k2together) twice, k12, (k2together, k1) twice Repeat from* once (40 sts) Row 23- purl Row 24 *(k1, k2together) twice, k8, (k2together, k1) twice Repeat from * once (32 sts) Cast off purlwise.

Head Cast on 16 stitches Row 1 - purl Row 2 - right side - K6 (m1, k1) twice, (k1,m1) twice. k6 (20 sts) Row 3 - purl Row 4 -K8 (m1, k1) twice, (k1, m1) twice, k8 (24 sts) Row 5 - purl Row 6 - k10 (m1, k1) twice (k1, m1) twice k10 (28 sts) Beginning with a purl row, work 3 rows in sticking stitch Row 10 - k6, turn Row 11 - slip 1 stitch, purl to end Row 12 - knit Row 13 - purl 6, turn Row 14 - slip 1 stitch, knit to end Beginning with a purl row, work 5 rows in stocking stitch Cast off 6 stitches at the beginning of the next 2 rows (16 sts) Work 6 rows in stocking stitch Cut yarn leaving a long length, thread yarn through stitches pulling tight and fastening off.


Make 4

Beginning at top edge cast on 12 stitches

Starting with a purl row stocking stitch 19 rows

Row 20 - k2 together, to end (6 sts)

Pull yarn through and fasten off.

NB:The legs can be made shorter and firmer by working 17 or 15 rows, rather than 19.


Make 2

Cast on 8 sts

purl 1 row

knit 1 row

Row 3 - k1, p2 together three times, K1

pull yarn through and fasten off

An alternative ear pattern:

(This makes quite a large ear so please experiment with the same idea on less stitches if smaller ears are


Cast on 8 sts


K2tog work to last 2, K2tog (6sts)


K2tog work to last 2, K2tog (4sts)


K2tog, K2tog, (2sts

P2tog fasten off

Fold the body in half with the curved shape being the chest, the cast on edge (folded in half) is under the

belly, the cast off edge (the longer edge) is (halved) along the back. Sew up, including the tail (make a tassel

and include in the seam), leaving a gap to stuff. Stuff and close seam. Sew up the head (the drawn up end is

the nose) leaving the lower edge open, stuff it and then put the head onto the body and whip into place.

Sew up and stuff the legs,leaving the upper edge open and whip stitch onto the body.

Attach ears. Stitch eyes, nostrils and a smile.

The mane can be stitched or use a fine crochet hook.ader 1