check out what delicious dishes our lucky bloggers tucked into

This week, The Light invited six local bloggers to enjoy an evening of festive fun and food at a selection of restaurants based there. The lucky bloggers were treated to a three-course meal and a cocktail and enjoyed each course at a different venue. The welcome cocktail was provided by the team at George’s Great British Kitchen who served up a nostalgic menu of delicious drinks including the Candy Annie, garnished with a tower of candy floss.

The group then moved to Firelake in the Radisson Blu Hotel for their starter, where the staff pulled out all the stops. The guests were given talks on the concept of the restaurant, a detailed introduction to the menu from the head chef and finally a cocktail masterclass. Starters including french onion soup and a delicate trout salad with green apple were served in-between Insta-worthy miniature versions of their most popular cocktails.

The recently opened Brazilian restaurant, Estabulo, was the next destination which offers premium, unlimited meats including fillet steak and pork belly. With just enough room for something sweet, the bloggers set off to the last venue of the night - Turtle Bay. Known for its authentic Caribbean flavours, the desserts did not disappoint; passion fruit meringue pie, spiced rum and chocolate pots and coconut ice cream were all on the menu.


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Estabulo left our bloggers with full tummies and smiley faces.

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Everyone loves a cheeky cocktail at Georges! m