Recreate your fav "Light" Pancakes at Home!

Pancake Day is nearly here and although we can’t venture out to feast on them this year, luckily these sweet treats are easy to make at home. We’ve picked out some of our favourite pancake dishes here at The Light so that you can have a go at making these delicious creations yourself this Shrove Tuesday!

Haute Dolci’s ‘The Stack’

To make your fluffy pancakes you’ll need self-raising flour, baking powder, caster sugar, two medium eggs and milk. Mix the ingredients together in a bowl and use a whisk to give the mixture a smooth consistency. Splash a bit of oil on a non-stick pan and slowly pour your pancake mixture into 20cm circles. Cook on one side until you begin to see bubbles then flip with a spatula for a further minute or so.

Now you’ve made your pancakes, we come to the most important part, deciding what to put on top of them!

If you want to recreate Haute Dolci’s ‘The Stack’, you’ll need blueberries, maple syrup, and vanilla ice cream for a simple but delicious creation.

Haute Dolci’s ‘I’m Not Sharin’

Using the same fluffy pancake method as before create your pancake base and then it’s time to recreate this delicious pancake creation!

A great one for the kids is the Haute Dolci ‘I’m Not Sharin’ pancakes (if you can handle them with all that sugar energy all day). Just top your fluffy pancakes with banana, chocolate sauce, fudge pieces and a dollop of ice cream for the ultimate combo!

For a healthier breakfast option, you could also top them with fruit and make into fruit faces!

Browns’ Sweet or Savoury pancakes

Can’t decide whether you’re in the mood for sweet or savoury? Browns has you covered with its savoury and sweet buttermilk pancakes – the best of both worlds!

Make your fluffy pancakes and then try adding bacon or pancetta, along with maple syrup and granola to get the Brown’s experience in your very own home!

Alternatively, Browns also has a sweet recipe with berries, cherries, and Greek yoghurt - especially good if you’re attempting to be that bit healthier in lockdown!

Haute Dolci’s Irresistible Urge Crêpe

If fluffy pancakes aren’t your thing then why not try to recreate one of Haute Dolci’s delicious and light crêpes? To make your crêpe base you’ll need plain flour, whole milk, two eggs and unsalted melted butter. Mix the ingredients together and add 100ml of water – whisking slowly. Once you have a smooth and fluid consistency pour the batter onto a lightly greased pan at a medium heat. Spread the crêpe batter so it makes a thin and light pancake, and then flip after 45 seconds.

To add the finishing touches to Haute Dolci’s mouth-watering ‘Irresistible Urge Crêpe’, add sliced bananas, a toffee sauce, chocolate honeycomb bits and top it with a vanilla gelato or ice cream.

Whichever way you choose to make your pancakes this Pancake Day, we know they’ll be delicious, and we can’t wait to welcome you back to The Light soon to tuck into the ones our restaurants serve here!