Your Sad Little Lunch Survival Guide

Spoiler Alert: The Light is Your Sanctuary

The Sad Lunch epidemic has descended upon the people of Leeds! With the levels of soggy sandwiches and sad desk salads reaching apocalyptic levels, we are in desperate need of a cure.

It’s official: 62% of Leeds office workers are stuck in a meal deal rut and over half of us admit to being shackled to our desks in this time. It’s unsurprising that 36% are quoting workplace stress as a significant factor in their midday malaise.

Don’t panic – there is a solution to this sad state of affairs...

In this survival guide, we’ll break the harmful habit of the sad little office lunch. This guide contains all the tips you need to navigate the Sad Lunch Apocalypse and reclaim the glory of the nutritious midday meal.

It’d be rude not to… after all, 61% of office workers agree that even just stepping away from desks at lunch improves productivity upon return.

The Light Lunchtime Survival Spots

Tamatanga - Cure your lunch rut at Tamatanga with good music, good feelings, good food. This vibrant Indian restaurant has a range of flavourful dishes to spice up your lunchbreak.

Nando’s - Rebel against the sad lunch at Nando’s with its mouth-watering menu offering chicken on or off the bone, scrumptious burgers, wraps and pittas, with a selection of sides, salads, appetisers and sharing platters.

Fléur - Experience more than just a meal at Fléur Restaurant. The restaurant, run by acclaimed Master Chef Finalist and Great British Menu-famed consultant, Bobby Geetha, has carefully curated a menu full of tasty lunch options, far superior to your standard meal deal.

Bagel Factory – Take it back to basics at the Bagel Factory a healthier alternative to on-the-go snacks and meals that are not only delicious, but full of nutrients to keep you energised through your working day.

What are you waiting for?

With so many lunchtime hotspots within a stone’s throw, there’s no excuse for falling victim to the sad little lunch epidemic.

Ditch the sad desk scraps, grab your colleagues, and embark on a lunchtime adventure. Your productivity, wellness, and tastebuds will be grateful!