Remembrance Events at The Light

This year marks the 100th Anniversary of the Treaty of Versailles as well as the 75th Anniversary of D-Day and to mark these important events in history, The Light will be running a host of activities to pay tribute and educate the younger generations on the brave sacrifice made by many. Here is a full schedule of all the family-friendly events taking place over the half-term holidays at The Light.

Monday 28th October

Activities will begin running from 28th October and run until 1st November starting with a children’s (and adults) make-and-take home poppy workshop. On the same day, we’ll also be hosting a toy soldier painting workshop, for children to take home their decorated soldiers to keep at the end of the day.

Tuesday 29th October

A 1940’s bonbon making workshop will run on Tuesday, demonstrating how to make the simple candies, which are unlike any sweets we know today! We’ll also be running a ‘Make Do and Mend’ workshop, which will see participants get a real insight into what life was really like for members of the public who lived through this time.

Wednesday 30th October

We’ll be hosting a children’s make-and-take home workshop, where they will be shown how to make a paper plane/glider based on one of the models used in WWII! This will run alongside another poppy making class for those who missed out first time round or anyone that wants to come along again.

Thursday 31st October

On Thursday, we’ll be running a school life and period games workshop, where children can discover what school in the 1940s was really like. Visitors will be able to learn about what subjects were taught, as well as take part in period games played in the playground. It’s sure to be a wonderful experience for today’s kids!

Friday 1st November

On the final day, children can discover how much of an impact code-breaking had on WWII, with exciting activities and workshops teaching children how these unsung heroes helped to win many battles. We’ll also be running food rationing workshops, where children and adults alike can learn how families survived, using ration books. A great way for the whole family to enjoy a fascinating insight into an important time in British history!